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Class War Album

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This year the "Hackers and Crackers" song dropped, which became legendary. Thanks to the software I got from the warez groups I was praising in the song, I was able to begin to refine my studio understanding and computer skill. I spent much time schooling and installing others with the new programs and knowledge I had liberated with the help of my digital dawgs. I recorded other groups and a series of collaborations with a good friend. Mic Danja who has a whole different ideological take on our common problems. His group "naybahud F.O.L.K.S” can be found on Google or garageband.com or look n zearle.com for a link.

These were the years of the counter-revolution, hardship and poverty. Loves found and then lost. I recorded some on whim and on a breath, some good some bad. School and impacted wisdom teeth took me out for a while. The Green, Black and Red alliance was coming apart at the seams. I was fighting every day with the Greens about an "industrial socialist future" and I realized that revolution does not oppose the earth, but is a natural occurrence (as pointed out by Engels and others). The transition from Grunge to George (Bush) was so disgusting that only us old souls could survive it. My beloved sound card, given as a gift, blew out and died...though warez had given me amazing opportunities, hardware was a whole different game.

I was forced to go back and refine my theory, my craft and myself. This was a good period, I made technical stride with the help of my techie brother who hooked me up with a smoker burner system and a nice mic. My music is cleaner, crisper and has a bounce that you get from a studio. I get good use of vocal samples, which will be a trademark of mine in the end (I hope...). This is the height of the dumbing down of the mass culture, where pop culture turns the masses into victims and fools. I had to separate the wheat from the straw. I laid some heavy shit for the comrades.


Class War tracks:

1 . This Position
2 . Prophets of Profit (featuring Zack de la Rocha)
3 . Where Are My Comrades?
4 . Devil's Bride
5 . Creators of Leaders
6 . Evil Doings
7 . Hackers and Crackers
8 . Carrying Bricks
9 . Fly Away
10. Fuck the System
11. Good Folk
12. Manchild
13. No More War
14. People Say
15. Rhetoric
16. Righteous War (featuring Mic Danja)
17. Tings and Times
18. Streets Are Our World (featuring Mic Danja)
19. Your Not Good
20. Violence Without a Cause

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